Program Agency Director: Jonathan Cole Medical Director:Dr. Delaney-Rowland & Dr. Bombard
All certified providers who wish to practice in the North Country and Mountain Lakes Regions must be affiliated with an agency and properly credentialed. For training opportunities, visit our LMS at
CNYEMS Staff & Administration
Medical Director Regional Medical Director: Daniel J. Olsson, D.O.
Executive Director Executive Director: Susie Surprenant

If you are looking for updated class information or continuing education information, please view the Calendar for details.

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If you are seeking information regarding a New York State Emergency Medical Technician or Advanced EMT course, please go to the Events Calendar. All Course Sponsors are required to send Course Applications to our office, and as soon as they are received we post the course information under the starting day of the course. You will need to click on the course to read the specific information about the course and then contact the Course Administration to learn more or register for the class. Please note that CNYEMS does not teach or host EMT courses.

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